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Gathering Prayers

Maybe you want to pray but you don't know how. Maybe you know how, but you don't feel like you can. Maybe before now you've thought that prayer doesn't do any good. Or maybe it's overwhelming to think about all of the people in need of prayer.

Know this, friend: you're not alone.

It can be hard to pray by yourself, especially if you're used to praying in community. Even those who have been going to church for years can find it difficult to pray right now. And for that reason, I've published this short post.

This is a place for gathering prayers.

Your prayers. The prayers of your family. The prayers of your community. Prayers that sound like hope, or fear, or even doubt. Prayers of lament. Prayers that don't try to hide their anger. Poetic prayers or straight to the point prayers.

Prayers from the heart.

If you write them in the comments, I'll pray them daily. That way you'll know that even if you don't have the strength to pray your prayers aloud, someone will.

A few pieces of guidance:

  • Share only people's first name, or even just their initials. That helps maintain their privacy on this public post.
  • When you share someone's name or initials, put their pronouns in parentheses. For example: I pray for Matthew David (he/him) and Devon (they/them).
  • Share as many prayers as you'd like. If you've got a new prayer tomorrow, come back and post again.
  • Share this on social if you think your friends might like this kind of support.
  • Feel free to pray along with me as I read aloud the prayers each morning and night.


For whom or for what shall we pray?

Matthew David Morris

Matthew David Morris

Hi. I'm Matthew David Morris. I'm a songwriter, an Episcopal priest, and a hybrid minister. I'm glad you found my site.